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Visit the Mekong Delta in flood season

The reasons you should visit Mekong Delta in flood season once in life

Every year, during the rainy season, the water overflows from the upstream of Mekong Delta to Dong Thap Muoi and Long Xuyen Quadrangle, creating flooding season. The beauty of peaceful countryside and famous Mekong Delta floating markets, along with abundant and diverse yield of the South during this season of immense water will charm and cling on the feet of anyone who loves nature and exploration. Join VN Bike Tour and immerse yourself in the wildlife of the Mekong Delta in flood season.

Leaving behind the terrible dry season cracking the rice field, join the Mekong Delta Tour to explore the beauty of the South Vietnam in flood season, you will be immersed in nature on these days when the water nearly rises up to the porch. The spectacular harmonious scenery of clouds and water, beautified with vibrant colors of local flowers typical of the water area including the yellow of sesbinia sesban along the river, the dreamy purple and pristine white of water lily, etc. makes you feel enjoyable.

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Mekong Delta Tour - The beauty of local flowers

When the flood season comes, the locals here are in the eagerly careful preparation of featuring nets, rods, reels, baits & tackles, tools and supplies for picking up a great amount of fish from the upstream of Mekong River. After only a short time, the local markets and the merchant ships filled with many kinds of fish draw the attention of anyone passing-by.

Tourists Attractions of Mekong Delta in flood season

On Mekong Delta Tour with VN Bike Tour, Can Tho is also a destination that visitors cannot ignore. Being a young developing city located in the center of Mekong Delta, Can Tho reflects itself on the legendary Hau River. Not only cling on visitors with the fruits orchards, the plain field full of flying storks, and the interlaced canal system with interesting activities on the river, Can Tho City with the most beautiful natural scenery Tay Do – Ninh Kieu Wharf will impress you a lot.

From Ninh Kieu wharf, visitors will come to famous spontaneous Mekong Delta floating markets such as Cai Rang, Phung Hiep, and Cai Be and immerse you in the miniature world of the river with plenty of garden specialties. Sometimes, there is no need to buy anything, just to see a fruits series of mangoes, oranges, rambutans, dragon fruits, and green grapefruit is also full of eyes.

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Mekong Delta Floating Markets

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Visiting Mekong Delta in flood season, Tram Chim National Park also brings you a very interesting experience. In the rice field, the miscellaneous mixture of lotus, water lily, grass, tens of thousands of white storks embellished on the green background of melaleuca forests creates a wonderful scene. Besides, the lotus lagoon is home to thousands of grey-headed swamphen (Porphyrio poliocephalus).

In November, Tra Su Cajeput Forest usually gets flooded, carrying a large quantity of duckweeds and water hyacinths floating on still water and forming an apparently continuous green layer on the surface. Sitting on a small sampan, slowly paddling along the river, you will be lost in another world of extremely fresh and pure scenery. The shaft of morning sunlight stabbed through the jungles and reflected itself on the water. Amid the cool air, blended with the unmistakable scent of wild melaleuca flowers is the lively world of countless bird species, including storks, herons, cranes, and pelicans, flying regardless of the strangers.

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Tra Su Cajeput Forest

Moreover, another exciting adventurous thing to do on Mekong Delta Tour is conquering the Vong Canh Tower for the scenery of Tra Su Cajeput Forest. In the shades of dusk, additionally, you can easily catch the view of each flock of birds flowing to the nest which brings you a sense of peace and familiarity. In the distance, the majestic Thai Son Mountain, along with the giant statue of Arhat and the great palm trees are the breakthrough points to perfect the beautiful countryside painting of An Giang. Especially, visitors cannot miss the local meals with the typical flavor of the Mekong Delta. The dishes at first glance as simple but when enjoying under the cool leafy hut, surrounding with the immense river and forests surely make visitors remember forever.

Mekong Delta Tour ends with the unforgettable memories of visitors not only the famous local specialties, but also the beautiful photos and the love of a peaceful and gentle land. How could you forget the experiences of quietly paddling through the Mekong River and admiring the beauty of nature here, enjoying a lot of incredibly delicious local dishes, and listening to the melody of the South folk music?

Joining the tour of Mekong Delta in flood season, with full of the amazing experiences and nostalgia, VN Bike Tour makes sure that you will never forget; and this beautiful land is always waiting for your return, not only once.

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