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Top 3 Tay Ninh Tourist Attractions to Visit

About 100 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, Tay Ninh province, the land of many spiritual and cultural architectures, is an interesting destination for those who want to get away from the bustling city and immerse themselves in the fresh nature and do not want to travel too far, especially for families as well as young people interested in exploring on weekends. On this article, VN Bike Tour will introduce you Top 3 Tay Ninh Tourist Attractions to visit.

Black Virgin Mountain is the first of Tay Ninh Tourist Attractions you must visit when coming to this province

Black Virgin Mountain

Black Virgin Mountain is located 11 kilometers away from the center of Tay Ninh City and 52 kilometers from Vietnam - Cambodia border in a complex of historical and cultural relics which is famous for its scenic landscape and many spiritual legends.

tay ninh tourist attractions

Linh Son Tien Thach Pagoda on Black Virgin Mountain

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To the Vietnamese people, the mountain is the center of a myth about “Ba Den" (Black Virgin), a local deity of Khmer origin. Being one of must-visit Tay Ninh tourist attractions, attached to the legendary Black Virgin Mountain, Linh Son Tien Thach Pagoda is usually crowded, especially in January and the day of god worshiping in May 5 and 6 according to the Lunar Calendar, with pilgrims, travelers or even the locals to visit and pray for their business and lives. In addition, the pagoda system of this mountain also includes Trung pagoda, Ba pagoda, and Hang pagoda attracting visitors because of its majestic scenery and spiritual meaning.

Black Virgin Mountain is now becoming a new attraction and conquest of young people. It is the highest mountain in the South of Vietnam with the height of 996 meters and is also the ideal climbing and cloud-hunting point. The higher you climb the mountain, the cooler the air is. You will be delighted to see the panoramic view of a wild but poetic landscape.

Cao Dai Holy See Temple

Located in Tay Ninh province, about 100 kilometers northwest from Ho Chi Minh City, the Cao Dai Holy See stands out in its unique architectural style and is one of the most unique religious destinations in this province and all over the world as well. This work was built without a prior architectural design, without the participation of any engineer and also without any modern equipment.

tay ninh tourist attractions

Started in 1933 and formally inaugurated in 1955, Cao Dai Holy See Temple is the worshiping place of the Divine Eye - the sacred symbol of Cao Dai. The temple is 140 meters long and 40 meters wide with the 2 bell towers of 25 meters high. It consists of nearly 100 different large and small architectures, especially built of bamboo reinforced concrete. The 12 gates are carvings of lotus and the four spiritual mascots including dragon, unicorn, turtle, and phoenix.

The 9th of January and the mid of August according to the lunar calendar are the two largest festivals of the temple. Now, the main ceremony of the day at the Cao Dai Great Temple is usually celebrated at 12 noon. You can visit the temple at any time of the day, but it’s important that you wear modest and respectful clothing inside the temple.

Along with Black Virgin Mountain and Cao Dai Holy See, Dau Tieng Reservoirs forms a series of Tay Ninh Tourist Attractions

Dau Tieng Reservoir (Dau Tieng Lake)

Dau Tieng Reservoir is one of the largest artificial lakes in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the total area of 27,000 hectares and the total volume of 1.5 billion m3. It is not only a major source of water supply in the area, but also possesses the natural beauty, becoming one of the popular Tay Ninh tourist attractions.

tay ninh tourist attractions

Dau Tieng Reservoir in Tay Ninh province

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Dau Tieng Lake is located pretty far from the residential areas. The water is clear and clean. On sunny days, its surface reflects the bluish and deep color of the sky. Around the lake, there are freshly green prairies full of colorful wild flowers. Freshly cool air and natural scenery are suitable for those who love to take pictures, keep the authentic and lively moments of nature. In the middle of the lake, the strange natural islets including Xin islet, Trang islet and Dong Bo islet, which are named by the locals, are remarkable highlights.

Not far from Dau Tieng Lake is the Cau Mountain, where Thai Son Temple is situated on surrounding with the carpet of thick bamboo forests growing on the rocky slopes. From this point of view, you will see the panoramic scenery of Dau Tieng Lake so spectacular as a Chinese ink painting, and in the far distance is the majestic Black Virgin Mountain. Following the way from Thai Son Temple, we can reach Cau Nom Lake, where the water also has a spotless transparency, the air feels cool and the atmosphere is of utmost tranquility. You can rent small boats from local people for a lake cruise or try yourself going fishing on Dau Tieng Lake.

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