Mekong Delta Tours


If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1) Do I ride my own motorbike on the tour?

Yes sure, if you have a motorbike here. You will much be a good rider we can go together on the tour. However, we will not cover insurance for you. The price is less than $ 10 of the regular tour each person.

3) If I have food allergies?

If given prior notice, we can adjust the dishes on our tours to accommodate almost any food restriction.  Don't like seafood - no problem. Vegetarians/Vegans we've also got you covered. We can also deal with gluten allergies, nut allergies, shellfish allergies, etc.

If you are allergic to fish, however, we do not recommend booking our food tour as most dishes in Vietnam are marinated with generous amounts of fish sauce. If you're allergic to fish sauce, then the only safe dishes for you to eat are the vegetarian dishes.

4) What happens if it rains before/during our tour?

We always bring along free rain ponchos for our customers to use during the tour.  If it is a light rain, and we feel it's not too dangerous to ride, then we will continue with the tour.  If it's a heavy rain, then we will ride you back to your hotel and only charge you for the time you actually spent on the tour. 

If it rains before the start of your tour, we will give you an option of cancelling your tour in full with no penalty. We will try to contact you at your hotel at least 1/2 hour before your scheduled tour time to discuss your options, whether it is a full refund or a rescheduling of your tour date and time.

5) Is there anything I should not wear or bring when I go through a tour?

You should wear comfortable clothes because Saigon is usually hot, however, women shouldn't wear skirts or dresses.  As a precaution, please leave necklaces, dangly earrings and other easily stolen jewelry at your hotel.  It's also recommended that you not use your camera while riding on the motorbike.  If you want to take some photos, our guides will be happy to pull over so you can safely take pictures.

6) What is Accident Coverage?

This is a guarantee from our Insurance company that if there is an accident on our tour that we will take you to the hospital and cover your injuries up to $5000 or 20.000.000 VND. This type of amount of money will go a long way here in Vietnam to cover most injuries sustained in an accident.

7) What makes the difference between us and other companies?

v  Saigon Bike tour would bring you the fresh mind when visiting Bitexco Financial Tower, which is the highest tower in Saigon and one of the most modern building in Vietnam. You would have an interesting overview about Saigon, and you would enjoy café or fruit juice there.

v  Alley: Going to alley of Saigon, you would see daily life of a local residents.

v  Food: Vietnamese foods

v  You also have exciting gift from company. You would have unlimited internet access with a mobile device. (Your tour becomes easier with a sim card 3G which allows you access internet everywhere in Vietnam)