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Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels was the stronghold and nerve underground center of VC army during the wartime. It is listed to the top of 12 most spectacular underground works in the world voted by CNN Channels. Cu Chi Tunnels is also a famous tourist attraction, especially for foreigners. Let’s explore the mysterious beauty of Vietnam legendary underground village on Cu Chi Tunnels Tour with VN Bike Tour!

Cu Chi Tunnels - An interesting destination of Ho Chi Minh City Tours

Away from 70 kilometers northwest of the city center, Cu Chi Tunnels is the favorite destination of many travelers, especially those who love to explore the history of Vietnam. The tunnel system is nearly 200 kilometers long. This is a very elaborate, logical and scientific design, located in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. The whole vestige includes two main tunnels Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh.

cu chi tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels Traps

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Cu Chi Tunnels were formed from 1946 to 1948, in the struggle for Independence of Vietnamese people. It took over 20 years to create such a massive system with the Cu Chi locals’ great effort. At first, the tunnels were individually formed. It was not until the climax of the war, those tunnels were linked together to create a continuous and great tunnels. This is not only a safe haven but also a place for living, health caring, weapons manufacturing of VC soldiers and Cu Chi locals as well. Besides, there are many assorted spike traps inside and even outside the tunnels area while it was a real jungle in the past. You should visit Cu Chi Tunnels once in your life to understand more about the strong will, tenacity, intelligence, creation, and the pride of inhabitants over there and see clearly a symbol of Vietnamese revolutionary heroism.

Exploring underground village of Cu Chi Tunnels with VN Bike Tour

Cu Chi Vietnam is well-known as the Heroic Steel Land during the wartime. This tunnels system has contributed to the great victories of Cu Chi troops. That is why the name of Cu Chi is famous to many travelers. A lot of visitors from all over the world are not disturbed by distance; they have come here to directly see the tunnels which are connected to each other like a miniature underground village.

cu chi tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels Experience

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The tunnel system is divided into 3 floors: the upper floor is about 3 meters below the ground, the middle floor is 6 meters from the ground and the lower one is 12 meters deep. Each floor has different functions. For example, the lower floor is the safest one, so it was usually used as emergency rooms, weapon rooms, and secret meeting rooms. The entire tunnel system is dug in the sandy soils, so it has high durability, and less sinking. When entering the tunnel system, visitors will have to stoop down or crawl through the narrow tunnel. Just visiting a short tunnel section is enough to give visitors a more practical and understandable experience of the arduous struggle of the VC soldiers.

Cu Chi Tunnels attracts great attention of many visitors, especially foreign tourists.

The door of the tunnels is arranged by the secret hatch covers. On the surface of these covers are secretly camouflaged by leaves, with stones and mud to avoid detection by the enemy. Tourists, going through this area, often see a lot of termite mounds, dried leaves, but actually that is how to camouflage the hatch covers which is very safe and effective and provide the air for the underground bunkers. They function as ventilation systems. In addition, the gaps of these termite mounds were the place for the VC guerillas to attack and snipe at the enemy, or listen to the latest on the battlefield situation.

Join Cu Chi Tunnels Tour to experience life under the tunnels.

Visiting Cu Chi Tunnels, you not only admire one of the most unique work in the world but also have the chance to experience underground life; in order that, you can understand the hardship as well as fighting spirit of Cu Chi in this Steel Land. Stepping through each room, looking at artifacts or statues was restored as visitors are watching a slow motion video about the life of Cu Chi people living in the tunnels during the wartime. With the smoke-free kitchen Hoang Cam, weapons manufacturing rooms, the boiled tapioca, and the national flag will make visitors feel very touching and impressive.

cu chi tunnels

After the war, the Vietnamese government included Cu Chi Tunnels in a war memorial park.

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Tourists to Saigon can now visit portions of the Cu Chi Tunnels, which stand as an enduring reminder of underground warfare in Vietnam, and crawl through some of the safer areas of the tunnels, view command centers and booby traps, fire an AK-47 rifle on the Cu Chi shooting range and even eat a meal featuring typical foods that soldiers living in the tunnels would have eaten. Coming to Cu Chi, travelers understand more about the hardships, patriotism, and tenacity of Vietnamese people in the struggle for independence. Exploring history is also a way to educate young people keep raising their love of country in the peacetime. If you have a chance to go to Ho Chi Minh City, VN Bike Tour will invite you to discover the legendary underground village - Cu Chi Tunnels.

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